Life saving defibrillators installed!

H&A Mechanical Services have installed a new defibrillator outside our Draperstown office located on the Tobermore Road.  This lifesaving device will be accessible to members of the public at all times.

Data indicates that a shocking total of 1,400 people in Northern Ireland die as a result of sudden cardiac arrest each year. It has been proven that survival rate increases from 5 to 75% when the victim receives CPR combined the use of a heart defibrillator within the first three minutes following cardiac arrest.

Hugh McWilliams, Managing Director of H&A said “H&A are delighted to donate the defibrillators to the community.  We believe defibrillators are great to have and hope they won’t have to be used but its settling to know they are there if needed.”

Defibrillators will also be provided at our offices at 28 Fivemile Straight, Draperstown and also Trench Road, Mallusk.  We have also trained 30 staff on how to use the defibrillator should they need too, hopefully this won’t be the case but thankfully our staff now have the confidence to use them if the situation arises!