Job Start Scheme – Gas Engineer’s Assistant!

In recent months we have found it increasingly difficult to recruit fully qualified gas engineers.
As a result, we had to think outside the box and decided to use the opportunity provided through the Jobstart Scheme, run by the Department for Communities, to encourage young people into employment.

As such, we applied to the scheme for five Gas Engineer’s Assistant positions, which would offer eligible candidates an opportunity to obtain a trade and hopefully long term employment with H&A. We successfully recruited four people to fill these roles and we are delighted to say the scheme has been a great success so far—please meet our 4 Gas Engineer’s Assistants Paul, Ryan, Andy & Glenn.

We provide them with the onsite experience they need and cover the cost of the relevant training needed to be gas qualified.

Each of them are gaining valuable experience on site and they started their gas training in February – they are taking to it like ducks to water!!! We would also like to thank our qualified Engineers who have been mentoring the guys on site so well!