A Big Thanks to Foyle Foodbank!

A big thanks to Foyle Foodbank!
On 22nd May Foyle Foodbank asked us to attend the Guildhall in Derry along with other Donors and Volunteers, that afternoon we were treated to some great information about their ongoing effort and the needs for the valuable services that the Foodbank provides and the continuing trying times ahead.
All in all it was a great afternoon a buffet and refreshments were served giving us the opportunity to meet with the Board members and we were then treated to some very kind words from the Mayor Graham Warke congratulating everyone on their efforts.
We thank Foyle Foodbank for the lovely gesture inviting us to attend the event and the beautiful Derry Crystal that we received on the day.
Once again thank you very much James and we look forward to continuing our support. And finally, thank you to our very own Mark & Charlie for attending and their hard work to date! 😀🙌🏼